Suknia ślubna z odkrytymi plecami

Femininity in all its glory, or …

Backless wedding dresses

Extremely sexy and bold designs.

A perfect backless wedding dress guarantees a unique event!

Wedding fashion trends change every now and then so that women always have the chance to find the perfect creation for themselves. Wedding dresses with bare backs have recently become particularly popular. It is a proposal that makes brides feel confident and look like that. The dress should guarantee not only extraordinary presence, but also convenience and comfort throughout the duration of the event.

What elements to look for when choosing a backless wedding dress?

Brides spend a great deal of time searching for the perfect wedding dress. The organization of the selection begins a few months earlier so that all corrections and improvements can be made on time. Women often have a problem with choosing a wedding dress with an open back. In order to facilitate the selection, they have to answer the question which cut best suits their figure

  • Flared – this is one of the most common styles on wedding carpets. The tight top connected with the bottom, similar to princesses, looks wonderful. This type of cut is often chosen by slim brides who want to get the impression of a feminine, full figure
  • Tight – fitted backless wedding dress is dedicated to women who want to look expressive and sensual. The bride deciding on this project is guaranteed to highlight all the advantages of her figure
  • Airy – created for romantic celebrations both outdoors and in elegant halls. The freely released material adds grace and girlish charm, and additionally does not restrict movement during dances.

Cuts for wedding dresses with open backs available in collections

The choice of cut is already some success during the search. However, brides must also decide on a budget. The price of high-quality creations starts from several thousand, and ends even at several thousand zlotys. However, this should not discourage women, as many collections now contain proposals that can be safely used also at other events. Another aspect influencing the decision is the color of the creation. It is slowly moving away from traditional white, replacing it with more warm colors such as pink and cream. Interesting accessories in a wedding dress with an open back emphasizing its charm may be a skirt cut highlighting the legs or a sophisticated sleeve finished with lace or fringes. Such a procedure will add attractiveness and originality to the creation.

Jewelry perfect for backless wedding dresses

When preparing for this special day, remember about additions, because they emphasize the nature of the creation. For backless wedding dresses , long necklaces and earrings in gold or silver version will work great. For outdoor weddings, choose natural flower jewelry. It will emphasize women’s delicacy and airiness.