Boho suknia ślubna

Boho dresses collection.

Bohemian Wedding Dresses & Boho Bridal Gowns

Delicacy and femininity in phenomenal lace and fringes.

Bohemian wedding dresses – what are their characteristics?

Trends of recent seasons significantly emphasize the growing popularity of boho wedding dresses. This should not be surprising, because they are unique, extremely feminine and at the same time have a hint of wildness. They delicately emphasize all the charms, emphasizing the beauty of the Bride. This type of creation will be a great choice for rustic or outdoor weddings, with natural accessories in the form of flowers and greenery.

What distinguishes boho style wedding dresses?

Boho style wedding dresses differ from standard creations by using a slightly less traditional and official style. This allows women to reduce the stress of organization and make them feel free on this most important day in their lives, getting rid of pushiness and rigid rules. Non-binding, loose cuts are a perfect reflection of the combination of gypsy roots with hippie values ​​resulting in a romantic, girlish outfit.

Will a Boho wedding dress suit me?

Boho wedding dress is a proposal that is based on a delicate, non-binding movements of lace materials. Women do not know corsets and stiffeners here, because this style is primarily characterized by freedom. The whole is a light, subtle creation that makes the bride feel attractive and comfortable at the same time. Airy styles in a sensual way emphasize the advantages of the figure, covering up imperfections. Women opting for a boho style wedding dress can afford to make the creation more attractive with accessories in the form of lace trim or phenomenal fringes. These unique accents will give a unique look and arouse admiration among wedding guests. The bride in boho style wedding dress , in addition to dazzling appearance and convenience, will feel unique and phenomenal.

What add-ons harmonize with a boho style wedding dress?

Boho style loves all kinds of accessories, which is why every bride should remember about them when creating their creation. It’s good if they match the subtlety and finesse of the Boho wedding dress . Modest, field bouquets, wreaths and hair styling enriched with green plants are often chosen. For jewelry, you should focus on delicacy so as not to overshadow the craftsmanship of the dress and its frivolous elegance. The perfect combination will be modest chains, short earrings, and even accessories with a feather motif. The final effect is also influenced by the hairstyle – here naturalness reigns in its purest form: loose hair, loosely laid on the back, loose braids or curls wrapped in the wind.