Suknia ślubna glamour

Fashionable, unusual and dazzling

Glamorous wedding dresses

Glamor style in all its glory.

Glamorous wedding dresses – is it for me?

Glamor is identified primarily with elegance. For many years it was forgotten and considered uninteresting but now the time has come for it to return to the living rooms again. A woman who decides to style in this style gives expression of her confidence and courage to go beyond the schemes. These are unique, original combinations that make the eye catching attention and delight. The glamor style is used by celebrities during various types of galas. This is primarily due to the love of its characteristic feature or splendor.

What accessories should I choose for a glamor wedding dress?

A big novelty that is quickly gaining popularity are glamor style wedding dresses. Their uniqueness lies in breaking with the traditional, modest wedding fashion and introducing the creation that gives vent to courage and femininity. Brides wearing shiny, elegant dresses have the chance to feel like celebrities on their most important day in life. Such an effect will remain for a long time remembered by guests and, most importantly, the Groom himself.

Glamor wedding dresses are characterized by shiny ornaments, precious stones and gold or silver decorations. A veil is also fitted to many models, which emphasizes the haughtiness of creation. Women choosing this style must be careful when choosing accessories so as not to get the effect of exaggeration. It happens that glamor wedding dresses come in a different color from white – most often it is beige or ecru, therefore delicate earrings and modest necklaces will be the perfect solution.

What length of glamor wedding dress will highlight the advantages of the figure?

Choosing a dress is a task that plays an important role when organizing weddings. A woman has a chance to get a dazzling look that will make her feel good and attractive throughout the whole event. However, before achieving such a result, the Bride must select the offers according to her own expectations and needs. Glamor wedding dresses usually come in two types of styles:

  • short version – this type of creation depends mainly on the taste of women. The length of the skirt can reach up to the middle of the thigh, knees or calves depending on the comfort of the future bride. This model is ideally suited to outdoor weddings or less formal celebrations.
  • long version – the most common and most convenient option is to end the dress 1cm above the ground. This will allow free movement and guarantee that none of the wedding guests or the groom will not impede dance or party during the ceremony. An additional option is to extend the creation with a train, which can be detached to maintain comfort and convenience.