Suknia ślubna z głębokim dekoltem

Extravagant, unusual

Pink & powder rouge wedding dresses

Extremely beautiful and original.

Search fever – how to find the perfect pink wedding dress and not go crazy?

Engagement Day is just the beginning of a common adventure, as well as the start of preparations for this most important day in life. The great responsibility of the bride and the groom. In order to get the perfect climate and the expected atmosphere, the organization should be dealt with relatively early. Women crowded with tasks have a special challenge on their way, namely the choice of a wedding dress. A lot of inspiration is available in wedding shops, which, contrary to appearances, does not make things easier. Too many bridges make it more difficult for brides to make decisions. However, there are several ways to reduce selection time and ensure a satisfying result. Women usually look for inspiration on websites before searching. Often appear ideas that are difficult to include in one creation, because their combination will lead to a loss of aesthetic value. This part of the process is only intended to find the theme of the wedding dress and detail on which the bride wants to focus.

How to avoid incorrect tips when choosing a pink wedding dress?

Women seeking perfect creation are often accompanied by stress and nerves. The desire to find the perfect wedding dress makes it hard to focus on your own desires and soberly assess your appearance. In such circumstances, the best solution is to bring a counselor – it could be a mother, friend or sister. A common mistake is to choose a helper who will choose only the dresses he likes. Women should also pay special attention to service, which can artificially show delight with every outfit worn. Invaluable in such cases are pink wedding dresses made to measure, which lie on a woman perfectly, because they are directly matched to the figure, and their unusual color will give the originality and uniqueness of the creation.

Trends in the upcoming wedding season – what’s the vogue now?

Wedding fashion is constantly surprising, which is why brides are getting more and more choice. Particular interest in the upcoming season will be wedding dresses in powder pink. Pink color will introduce a bit of novelty and freshness to the trends. Until now, only traditional white could be found at wedding altars. This color was supposed to be associated with the bride’s purity and tenderness. Currently, there is no objection that a woman could not wear a dress in a different color, both in church and civil marriage. Marta Trojanowska’s projects combine extraordinary sensuality and subtlety characteristic of female nature. Unusual fashions emphasize the girlish charm and cause that at the ceremony a woman catches the eye of all invited guests, thereby gaining an unforgettable confidence. In the Brides collection you will find versions in several styles and cuts, which is why the selection becomes simple and pleasant.