Rustykalna suknia ślubna

Closer to the nature

Rustic wedding dresses

Return to nature and rural tradition.

What delight rustic wedding dresses?

Rustic style is characterized by naturalness and moderation. It arouses nostalgia and refers to a romantic, idyllic life. The introduction of rustic style wedding dresses to the world of fashion is a reference to girlish delicacy, gratitude and purity. These creations in their simplicity arouse admiration and admiration, which is why they are so beloved by designers and often chosen by brides.

Rustic wedding dresses – every bride should have one!

The natural charm and charm of rustic wedding dresses is great for women who value naturalness and subtlety. Amazing cuts and lace patterns cause that the effect of delicacy and finesse is obtained in one. At the wedding altar, the brides will gain the attention of all invited guests and most importantly the groom himself.

Feminine delicacy and finesse as the characteristics of rustic-style wedding dresses

Every woman wanting to look phenomenal on the day of the wedding pays special attention to every detail of her dream creation. Rustic wedding dresses in most designs have an open back, which introduces a hint of sensuality. The neckline can be covered with a transparent material with a delicate texture and the phenomenal lace will give you a feeling of comfort and convenience while moving. A long skirt will give the creation a dignified style and the sleeves will give a sophisticated charm. The whole rustic wedding dress will be complemented by subtle jewelry, which, like the creation matched to the figure and taste of the Bride, will ensure a sense of harmony, grace and confidence.

What to consider when choosing a rustic wedding dress?

When choosing the perfect rustic wedding dress, women take into account not only fashion novelties but also other criteria among which the most important are:

  • cut – the most effective is the one that highlights the advantages of the female body. Recently, suggestions about flimsy, girlish fashion have enjoyed a lot of interest. It is also a decisive factor in comfort, so you should consider it when making your choice,
  • colors – more and more often in wedding fashion colors differ from traditional white. Delicate cream or powder pink look original and phenomenal
  • price – this is an aspect that has a huge impact on your decision. Rustic style wedding dresses are characterized by their uniqueness so they are great at various festivities, not just weddings.