Wiktoriańska suknia ślubna

Original and unique

Victorian style wedding dresses

Royal chic and seriousness – that is, a wedding in a Victorian style.

Victorian style dresses – a real return to the past!

The Victorian style records its beginning in the 19th century, and owes its name to Queen Victoria, who was then ruling the British throne. This era sought to obtain the romantic nature of the costumes and the appearance of aristocrats. Not without reason, they distinguished themselves with a pale complexion, which was to emphasize their material status, as well as the possibility of not doing any work. Victorian fashion sought to expose women’s shapes, which is why it was based on corsets, flared dresses, as well as buffets on the sleeves. All this, although seemingly reminiscent of baroque splendor, presented itself quite differently. Costumes were full of colors, accessories in the form of feathers, bows emphasizing the character of ladies.

Do Victorian wedding dresses guarantee comfort while having fun?

In the trends of recent months, references to this style’s return to salons are increasingly noticeable. Not surprisingly, creations have a hint of mysterious uniqueness and make a woman look like a real queen. Interestingly enough, wedding dresses in Victorian style are quite appreciated, with minor changes that guarantee the bride greater freedom and comfort while moving. The slender bottom of the outfit became attractive for the whole appearance of this type of outfit, thanks to which the woman’s appearance became much more delicate.

Victorian style wedding dresses

The designs by Marta Trojanowska do not lack dazzling combinations of lace materials as well as ribbons and fringes. Every bride in search of her dream creation has in her head some idea about the appearance of the dress and also about their own appearance. Because we like to stand out, it is not surprising that we care that this extremely important outfit for us is unusual and unique. Thanks to the individual approach of the designer, each bride can receive a Victorian style wedding dress suited to her own expectations. No restrictions when creating the project guarantees a surprising and satisfying end result that will not only be in line with your dreams but also perfectly fit to your figure.

Victorian style wedding dresses are a perfect creation for outdoor weddings!

Brides face a very difficult choice. Wedding creation is a factor that is the first to be evaluated by guests and the Groom himself. If you want to choose the perfect Victorian style wedding dress, it is wise to prepare a range of requirements that are used when selecting offers. The most common factors influencing the outfit decision are:

  • price – the best quality Victorian wedding dresses cost several thousand zlotys, of which this is the most profitable expense considering the material used, additions and subtle inserts.
  • color – current fashion is much more flexible in terms of changing the traditional wedding color from white to ecru, delicate pink and cream. It is not new anymore and is even very well received by critics.
  • place of celebration- Victorian style wedding dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings. The sophisticated style and original character of the creation beautifully blend in with the floral surroundings in the fresh air.