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The unusual wedding dresses in warm white color are a reference to classic colors, but in a new edition. Made of lace with unusual textures and irregular patterns enclosed in beautiful designs.

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Wedding dresses from the Santorini collection are practical and comfortable. They perfectly shape the figure – designed to fit any type, improve proportions. Made of soft and flexible lace, they stand out from the heavy wedding dresses available on the market. Beautiful textures of white wedding dresses from the Santorini collection will delight your guests.

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our custom-made wedding dresses from unique collections available only online.

White wedding dresses – ideal choice for the contemporary Bride

Each Bride, who arranges the wedding ceremony and reception is to undertake several decisions. Obviously each of them is weighty, however perhaps a selection of the perfect wedding gown would be of paramount importance to each woman. And the decision is not easy. How to find the one of a kind, when there are so many offers available on the market, and we have got white wedding dresses and outfits in various colors to choose from?

White wedding dresses – ideal offer for the lover of wedding classic

Would you prefer modern style to tradition, or perhaps you love the blend of both elements? You have got such an opportunity in Suknie Boho Atelier as it is you who will decide how your gown would look like. Color of your dress is also of great importance. Although white wedding dresses fall within a classic canon of wedding stylizations, yet it is worthwhile to know that such a popular shade of cold white will be well-matched to only a few women. Its warm tones, which make the skin look healthy and glowing are definitely more presentable.

Lacy, white dressing gowns, that is quintessence of wedding classic

If you dream of outfit, which would be a combination of classic and modernity, lacy, white wedding dresses will surely catch your fancy. Available in every cut – from well-fitted fish, through princess and A-shaped cuts are an exceptional offer for an occasion in almost every style.

Laces are the most romantic fabric, which depending on texture and patterns would perfectly match up to character and style of a Bride and a pre-planned mood of the wedding and the reception. White wedding dresses sewn from this fabric look girlish and gentle, and still it does not mean that they must be humble! Low-cut plunging neckline and sensual notches would be sufficient to make the gown alluring.

Lacy, white dressing gowns – unique Santorini collection

Popular Greek island, is called „Kalliste” by Greek people, which denotes “the most beautiful”. It is a fairy-tale land, described as one of the most romantic ones, is famous for its marvelous sunsets and white houses topped with blue roofs. This island is Santorini – charms with its breathtaking beauty and inspires as much as the collection of wedding gowns of the same name. Santorini collection is a combination of a wedding classic and elegance as well as especial sensuality and romanticism. You will find in it the graceful open-work laces and such, which by their atypical geometric shape resemble the color of giraffe. Lacy, white wedding dresses created by Marta Trojanowska in Suknie Boho Atelier are unusual. They make a perfect collation of elegance, beauty, while they are very comfortable too. Sewn with care and attention to the slightest detail from laces of remarkable texture will delight even the most fastidious Bride.