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The unique, richly decorated wedding dresses in powder pink lace, which delight with their lightness, airiness and richness of designs. These are unusual projects for women who want to stand out from other brides.

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Delightful colors, unbelievably romantic designs – this is the Venezia collection – wedding dresses in shades of powder pink. Richly decorated and finished made of beautiful and unusual fabrics. It is also practicality – they move perfectly with the bride. They definitely stand out from other designs available in wedding dress salons.

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Wedding dresses in powder pink – a beautiful alternative

Creating a collection it is a great experience and real pleasure. Designing, choosing of colours, cuts and all important details – I love all creating process and final effects which are part of new lines in Atelier Troyka. Venezia collection which includes wedding dresses in powder pink, owes the name to one of the most romantic place in Europe and is as unique as the atmospheric Italian city.

Pink and peach wedding dresses are a suggestion for young brides who desire on their wedding day to wear completely different colures than the classic shades of white and écru. Wedding fashion is constantly changing, but these classic colours are still the most popular. Pink wedding dresses are a wonderful alternative which are unique, but also incredibly romantic and girlish.

Pink wedding dresses from unique fabrics.

Wedding dresses in powder pink included in the collection Venezia are sewn from soft materials in the most beautiful shade of this colour – expressive and at the same time delicate, beautiful combination of pink and warm peach. Of course, it could not miss rich lace with different textures and thin tulles. Most of the dresses are also decorated with embroidered decorative tapes, which emphasize the silhouette and add a glow to the dresses. Combination like this is balanced and does not overwhelmed the bride. Both wedding dresses: peach and pink are incredibly facial and have the advantage that they beautifully emphasize the beauty. Their warm shades make the skin look healthy and radiant and every woman looks refreshed and relaxed, that is exactly how all we want to feel on the wedding day.

Venezia wedding dresses in powdered pink emphasize the silhouette.

Pink wedding dresses perfectly adapt to the beauty of the bride – they fit almost any skin and hair colour. Wedding dresses in powdered pink are also some of the most feminine projects. All models present themselves incredibly and are made in good taste. The Venezia collection is a real balance.
Every dress from the collection is designed to shape the silhouette of the bride and emphasize shapes to make the silhouette looks like hourglass. Among the available dresses included a body-matched creations highlighting the women’s curves and sensually exposing the back, dresses with sleeves, slender shoulders, and projects with a half-circle lace-up skirt guaranteeing a spectacular effect in dancing.

For what kind of weddings will dresses from Venezia collection be suitable the most?

They are a good choice for every style and at any time of the year. Delicate pastel shades are a suggestion not only for summer weddings, but also for those autumn and Winter – they will add glow and colours to gloom vibe. Wedding dresses in powder pink will also apply to many other celebrations after wedding because of the unique colour – it is enough to have a few modifications to gain a completely new life.